TN Academy of General Dentistry


For over 2 decades the Tennessee Academy of General Dentistry has sponsored a MasterTrack program that members who have attained their Fellowship award can work towards their Mastership Award.

This program meets twice a year and is designed to meet the requirements for the Mastership Award in approximately four years of continuous involvement. The continuing education meets for three days to cover a specific area of dentistry. The instructor gives an assignment to be completed in the participant’s office and documentation via photograph then presents the assignment to fellow MasterTrack attendees.

The requirements for Mastership can be found by clicking the below AGD site. The Tennessee MasterTrack is designed so that if the participant goes through the four-year cycle they will have met all the requirements for this elite award.

MasterTrack courses typically offer 21-23 hours of (participation credit with submitted homework, lecture without) and up to an additional 23 hours of participation with homework presentation. Courses are offered in the areas of Basic Sciences, Endodontics, Pediatrics, Special Care, Orthodontics, Esthetics, Removable Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery, Myofacial Pain/ Occlusion, Anesthesia/Pain Management/Sedation, Operative Dentistry, Fixed Prosthodontics,  Removable Prosthodontics, Implants, Oral Medicine/ Diagnosis, Special Patient Care and Periodontics.

The MasterTrack concept is to present courses over a five-year period that when completed will provide dentists with the appropriate number of participation credits for application for the AGD Masters award. Four hundred hours out of a total of six hundred hours must be of participation coursework in order to apply for the Masters award. These hours are over and above those hours necessary for Fellowship.  At any time dentists can enroll in the MasterTrack program.

If at any time you would like to become a part of the Tennessee MasterTrack program, contact Keith Gilmore (

Already have your Masters? Working towards LLSR?

The Tennessee AGD Board has approved a new program for those members who already have their Masters Award. Tennessee AGD members who have received their Masters will be allowed (space permitting) to attend MasterTrack courses and get credit for the participation for the weekend receiving hour for hour credit for half of the MasterTrack fee. No homework will be required and attendance of homework sessions will be optional for all Masters attending. We would encourage Masters or those soon to be to stay connected and involved with the AGD in Tennessee.